Online Marketing

Social Media

Want more friends?

If you are interested in expanding your online presence using social media, we can get you up and running on all the latest platforms, design the layout to remain consistent with your brand and then hand the controls back over to you.

OR we can manage things on an ongoing basis for you, so that you don’t run out of steam while trying to maintain your Internet presence. This service is very cost-effective and leaves you to concentrate on running your business offline, whilst we grow your business online.

Professional Content Writing

Let your website speak for itself…

The words you use are just as important as the websites they’re on: bad grammar, too much copy, too little copy, the wrong tone – potential customers can be turned off by all these things and more.

Our professional copywriter has a wealth of experience working as a journalist on a variety of national newspapers and magazines – where she spent years breaking the news you all read every single day. For a small, added fee she can compose your website’s content, making it professional, memorable and effortless to digest. And imbedded into the content will be the keywords and SEO your business needs to push you to the top of your potential customers’ search results.