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Competitive Commission Rates
£600 – £1600 per sale! 


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Cascade Digital is proud to announce the debut of it’s bespoke CMS for the skip industry, Cascade Skip Solutions.

We have developed and refined an all-in-one Website and eCommerce solution targeted specifically at the skip industry in the UK. We are looking for experienced sales agents to work with us and take this product to market in exchange for a generous commission package.

You can view our demo site here.




Product Information

Bespoke Website and eCommerce solution
Developed specifically for the Skip Industry in the United Kingdom.  It is a website replacement solution targeted at any company that provides skip hire services in the United Kingdom.


Accept Payments Online
Allows clients to provide skip hire and other services online instantly for their entire range of products and services. Including;

Skips (2 Yard to 12 Yard)
Roll-On / Roll-Off (15 Yard to 40 Yard)
Grab Hire
Extra Services
Anything else they offer!


Optional Upsell
Clients have an optional up-sell prior to checkout i.e. a grab bag for plasterboard. Increasing profit margin. 


Complete Site Management
The team at Cascade Skip Solutions will manage the entire site for the client. Whether they need a newsletter added or want to add a few pages highlighting a new service. No problem. We’ve got it covered. Once you have made the sale, you can move on to more potential clients as we provide and manage the entire service from there.


Latest News
Does the client want to run their own online blog (it’s great for SEO!). All they have to do is provide the content and we’ll add it to the site for them. If they opt for the premium package we will provide 4x niche, keyword research based blog posts per month to drive organic traffic.


Integrated Newsletter
Is the client interested in sending their clients a regular newsletter, but don’t want to pay a monthly cost to a third party? Perhaps they want to send a coupon code in the buildup to a busy time of year? They can simply use the integrated Newsletter functionality on their bespoke Dashboard. We have developed it to be as simple to use as possible. It could possibly be the simplest newsletter system developed. 


Social Media
Does the client want to get up and running on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn but is stretched for time, or perhaps they lack a staff member with the key skills? We can set all of this up for them, help them manage it and integrate it in to their brand new site. No problem.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Is the potential client dreaming of higher rankings? We have developed the entire framework to be as SEO friendly as possible. They will instantly gain an edge on the competition in their area with Cascade Skip Solutions. If they opt for the Premium package, the ongoing work will be a sure success for their business. 


Bespoke Dashboard
We have developed a bespoke dashboard for our clients. They can log in and view all their orders, customers, site analytics, send a newsletter or submit a change request. We can provide access to the bespoke dashboard upon request. We would advise spending a bit of time in there to truly understand the system and how it works, prior to selling the system. 


Minimal Implementation Time
We can have their new site up and running in as little as 2x weeks!


Blend With Their Brand
We will blend their new site in line with their current site or company branding to provide instant brand recognition online. It will appear as unique in it’s own right.


GDPR Compliant
The service is completely GDPR compliant.



Pricing Structure


Base Advanced Premium
Monthly Cost £250 £300 £400
Website Base
Complete Site Management
5x Content Changes Per Month
Additional Services Page
Latest News
Newsletter Integration
Facebook Setup
LinkedIn Setup
Custom Infographics / Artwork
Content Writing
Advanced SEO


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