The Importance of Ground Up SEO

The Importance of ‘Ground Up SEO’

It is interesting to see just how many of my clients seem to see SEO (search engine optimization) as entirely separate to web design and development. I am sure this is mainly down to a misinterpretation of what SEO actually encompasses.

SEO is incredibly important to a website, as it is a primary factor of eventual rankings in the leading search engines. There are so many aspects to how a website is evaluated and ranked, far more than I am going to go into in this blog post. I am going to talk about the importance of Ground Up SEO.

When I use the term ‘Ground Up SEO’. I am referring to the method of focusing on SEO from the very early development stages of building a website. If you think of a website as a plot of land, with several properties on, with each property representing a section of your website. If the roads leading to your properties have lots of dead ends and detours, potential visitors to your properties (the leading website search engines), are going to take one look at your plot of land and regard it as poorly developed or convoluted. They may not even get a chance to correctly see and effectively rank  your website.

Say for example, the search engines crawl/evaluate another website in your sector and all the roads lead directly to the necessary information. Imagine if all the roads on your competitors plot of land were signposted, labelled and simple to navigate. The search engines would understand exactly what they were trying to portray and most likely rank their website higher than yours.

Just because we can see what is on a website and read the information clearly, if there are no signposts and the roads between the sections are difficult to navigate, in a technical sense, SEO will be affected. Just because we can see a lovely image of a bespoke item for sale on a webpage, doesn’t mean the leading search engines have any idea what the image is all about. Even images have two entirely separate tags to help explain what they are all about. Image size is also taken into account, as it affects site load time, which is another important factor in SEO.

Even aspects as simple as correctly labeling the headings on a page in the appropriate order, using bold styling in your content or including keywords in the site URL are taken into account to give your website an eventual ranking in the various search engines potential visitors use.

These are all aspects that should be taken into account and implemented during the development phase. That is not to say SEO isn’t very much an ongoing factor on a live website. However, it should be a primary factory from the ground up.

If you would like to discuss anything SEO related, or would like us to evaluate an existing site you may have had developed, please get in touch.

Have a great day!

Alex Campanella
Cascade Digital


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